Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yet Another Food Blog???

A week and half ago, my voodoo doctor told me to go microwaveless.


My lifestyle is all about microwaves. In the morning, I microwave my water to make instant oatmeal.

At work, I microwave my Green Box Food entree. In the plastic tray. Despite all the dire warnings from my coworkers.

At 4 PM, I microwave a bag of frozen vegs (my "snackies").

At dinner time, I microwave mine & my spouse's White Box Food entrees. Again in the dreaded plastic tray.

When we travel, we stay at hotels with fridges & microwaves in the room so we can microwave even more.

Well, the voodoo doc promises health and well-being, so I'm motivated. I wake up every morning, face the stove, and remind myself, "You lived without a microwave for the first 27 years of your life. You can do this."

Adding insult to injury, the voodoo doc gave me & Spouse 1.0 other onerous food restrictions. But, I'm motivated, right?

I'll give it a month. You can do anything for a month, right?

And, a week and a half into this, I'm discovering that it's perversely fun to try to make this work. So, check back as my friends and I explore quick and easy food that is...
  • Low calorie
  • Fast
  • Microwaveless
  • Corn-free (at least white & yellow corn free)
  • Sometimes gluten free
  • Usually contains no pasteurized cow's milk (but might contain other dairy)
  • Nitrate & Nitrite free
  • Artificial sweetener free
  • Usually contains no white sugar
It's an adventure.

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